"Our ability to produce wholesome thoughts is, in turn, dependent and sustained by our diet, so is the saying "You are what you eat' simply because of the quality of our cells to digest, assimilate and store any information."

~ Igor Kufayev



On Dining with the Divine, I have found and adapted tasty dishes to comply with a Vedic holistic diet.  Ayurvedic cooking uses colour in cooking, aromatic spices, only the freshest of fruits and vegetables supplied by local farmers.  Click on any of the images to learn more about any particular dish.  


If you are not yet familiar with Ayurveda,  first find out your Dosha (Ayurvedic body constitution) by completing the Dosha quiz.


Then choose to take a closer at your Dosha.  Beginning a process of understanding your individual Dosha will give you ideas about what foods you might wish to avoid and what foods you wish to include more of in your diet.   The aim of a healthy diet is to choose foods that balance your unique physiology what Ayurveda calls "Dosha".   


For tips on how to use Ayurveda for your Dosha and lifestyle, please go to the page: Ayurvedic foods and lifestyle


Purity Puy Lentil Gram Masala Bowl
Almond Parsley Pate
Mediterranean Bread (no yeast)
Luscious Almond and Fig Pudding
Khichari Meal
White Bean Soup & Cheesy Crouton
Radiance Seed Sprinkle
Hallumi Spicy Buckwheat, Pumpkin
Pickled Lemon
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"I nourish my body, which nourishes my mind.  In turn, my mind and body unite harmoniuosly as One"

Have you ever wanted to know the secret to youthfulness and longevity ?  If so, please know you are not the only one.  The food we eat plays a big part in the way we each function in this world as a whole.  You are invited to take a look at the list of Top 10 foods that have been extensively studied to improve overall health & by the energetic properties relevant to Ayurveda and the way to understands them. 
10 Foods You Should Add  To Your Diet

My name is Amritama and I  love to feed my family and friends healthy, living foods fresh!  With an ayurvedic twist. I love cinnamon, cardamom, coconut, and all sweet fruits. 

To find out about courses and other sharing tips and recipes in Ayurveda and wellness sign up to get emails.  My hope is that you experience greater digestion and radiant health and that this site helps you to health, wholeness, and oneness.  


It is my intention is to bring awareness to positive wellness an alternative healthy cooking lifestyle. If you do enjoy something here and you would like to get in contact with me for Ayurvedic Health Coaching, go to the contact page.  

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"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When the diet is correct, medicine is of no need."  Ayurvedic proverb

Good fats are included and needed in a healthy diet,as they are a cure for ailments such as dry skin, excessive heat, inflammation, and digestive tract problems.  Ghee is advocated as a medicine, the use of this lactose-free oil is the most alkalizing fat and dairy product.  You can watch a video of how to make Ghee and other helpful recipes on my youtube channel


Unrefined Virgin Oils are wonderful for the health of Pitta and Vata types but are restricted in kapha balancing diets.  The oils I have written about are easy to assimilate, they also help the Pitta and Vata types to lose weight and feel satisfied.  I invite you to investigate which oils may help you improve and sustain your overall wellbeing.  To read more and have a closer look at other good oils that you may wish to include in your diet, read here.



Are you ready to set off on a fulfilling journey of Ayurvedic cooking to create Heaven on Earth?

Taste buds are ready, mind is open, and the heart is dancing with delight, so let us proceed... 

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Almond Parsley Pate

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