Amrita Ma Devi

Amrita is the author of the blog, Dining with the Divine, since 2012 and has over two decades of experience in Health & Nutrition and one decade with Ayurveda.


A mother of three, she travelled the world with her spiritual teacher and partner, Igor Kufayev. From Central Asia to Central America, she refined her intuitive sense of how to apply Ayurveda daily and follow innate wisdom of nourishment, health, and looking after her family, often in new and unfamiliar environments.  


Her journey into Ayurveda began with reading preeminent scholars on this ancient Science of Life, as she looked for ways of a greater balance within. Through Self referral and study, and an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist 1860h Diploma, she added to practical learning of how to use the wisdom of herbs, she became intimately aware of the healing potentials this sacred relationship avails.

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