Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Ayurveda is an Ancient Medical System which comes from 5 000-year-old tradition visioned  by Vedic Seers.  This knowledge was passed from heart to heart and from  teacher to student for a millennia.   Ayurveda is truly a Holistic Science which encompasses everything into harmonious co-existence  of an individual with the whole of environment.  


 Ayurvedic principles  are preventive in its nature. The specifically formulated diet and lifestyle, in accord with each individual constitution, meant to prevent  disease so that there is no need for medical interference. That said, Ayurveda has developed a highly sophisticated use of herbs for medicinal purposes.  Illnesses caused by environmental stress, a build up of toxins  and improper eating habits  are seen as the main cause of disease.  This  can be diagnosed by  feeling the pulse, examining  the eyes,  tongue, skin by an Ayurvedic physician.  But the basic principles are very simple to learn and by including the Ayurvedic lifestyle  into your day you will see improvements in yourself and in your relationships.  By balancing the five tastes,  adding medicinal  herbs and spices to your diet as well as tuning  into your body and connecting to nature you can heal yourself on more than one level.    

To find out what your Dosha is and what ayurvedic constitution you are take a quiz here.


Ayurveda means "Knowledge of life" to find out more read on. 

Which foods are best for your constitution ? What will heal or harm in everyday routine ?


I'm really enjoying find out about Ayurveda and I would like to know which books to read.....


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