I have spent many hours trying to make your life easier by finding the best blenders on the market that will help cover  your kitchen needs.  So  if you are a serious kitchen gadget user have a look at our Pro selection of tools to make  coconut yogurt, nut milks,  milkshakes,  soups,  syrups,  fondues,  sauces, dips, dressings, batters, whole juice, and smoothies.   

  Blendtec Twiste

Pro's -  Blendtec does it all with an easy to clean container, non sharp blade at the bottom which makes it easier for scraping out foods.   The new twister lid is easy to use and the scrapper will clean out the jug without mess or food left behind.  If you already have a blendtec you can buy the Twister jug separately.   Blendtec also leaves smoothies without as much oxidization than the Vita mix.  Cheaper than the Vita mix but with a more powerful motor, you cannot go wrong.  These are compact blenders and you can use them even whilst traveling.

Vita- mix 

 Pro's -  Very good for more than just smoothies.  You can use for chopping, nut butters, soups, the list goes on.  If you have the money you would not be sorry to get this machine.

Con's - I do find them overly tall and bulky.  The odors do not leave the plastic very easily, no t very easy to clean.  Base wobbles and is not well fitted. 


Oysters BVLB07-Z, 2 in 1 Blender/Food Combo.

Pro's  Glass jar, easy chute for adding food whilst blending.  Sharp stainless steal blade for ice crushing.

Con's -  Not all metal parts in the motor, so if you use a lot it will run out within six months to a year.  You can then use your warranty to get a new one.   This is a good model & for the price rate.  Buying a blender with a  motors under 600 watts are a waste of time. 


Pro's -  Excellent at chopping, and smoothie making.  Comfortable handle and dishwasher safe.   Jar is good for left handed and right handed user.  Blade doesn't detach from jar, so less parts when assembling. Pulse button and cord storage. Comes with manual.

Con's -  Lid stains from food sauces.

Professional Blenders

Why a Professional blender?  If you want the job done choose a brand that specialises , such as the ones here.   They all come with years of warranty and a name that says it goes the job done!

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