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After making lemon pickles, I was impressed by how easy it is to preserve veggies and YUM how tasty pickles are.

This recipe was inspired by the book 'A Slice of Organic Life'.  I find it has a very earthy-watery and igniting rasa which is gently sour.  This flavour is great for digestion, balancing for vata types and Kapha dosha. 


There are two ways in which you can pickle.  The lemon pickle is by Lacto fermentation and this is a pickle by using vinegar.

Read more about the pickles and the six tastes on my blog post.

Pickled Celeriac

Makes 5 cups 1.3 l 



1 Celeriac root

Pickling liquid

1 tsp Celery seeds

1 tbsp Peppercorns 

1 cups or 230 ml White wine vinegar 

2 cups 470 ml of Water

1 tbsp Himalayan Salt

1 cup of Sugar

1 cup/ 230 ml Extra Virgin Olive oil



Peel and cut the celeriac into slices 1 cm thick and then into chip slices.

After cleaning your jar, sterilize it by placing it in the oven at 225f or 160-180ºC for about 15 minutes.

Add the celeriac to the jar.  

Place the pickling fluid in a pan and boil on a medium flame the white wine vinegar, salt, sugar and spices. Once the sugar and salt are dissolved in the vinegar pour the pickling fluid on the celeriac. 

Seal the lid and keep in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.   All the celeriac should be submerged with the pickling liquid, the lid is shut & it should be preserved by the flavours, taste it to see if this has the right taste. You can leave them in the jar in the fridge.

The last step is to blend the celeriac into smaller pieces in a food processor. Then cover with Olive oil and store in a sterilized jar for up to 2 years. 


Best serve alongside plov.


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