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After making lemon pickles I was impressed by how easy preserving veggies is and yum how tasty pickles are. This recipe was inspired by the book 'a slice of organic life'.  This has a very Earthy-watery, grounding sour flavor which is good for vata types. 



Pickled celeriac

1 Celeriac root

1 tsp celery seeds

1 tbsp pepper seeds

3 cups or 700 ml white wine 

1 tbsp salt

1 cup/ 300ml EV Olive oil



1. Peel and cut the celeriac into slices 1 cm thick and then into chip slices.

2. After cleaning your sterilized jar(place in the oven for 5 mins to sterilize) add celeriac, pour on the white apple cider vinegar, salt, spices, and oil.

3. Seal the lid and add to the fridge for 1 week.

4. Once this has been preserved by the flavors you can blend into smaller pieces and serve alongside plov



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