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This recipe is a divine  raw coconut treat.  

Really use the juicy fleshy dates to make the taste perfect.  

You will love these to accompany a bitter tea to contrast the flavors.  

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Coconut Halva

8 Moojdal Dates or 20 smaller dates (soaked for 30 mins and drained)

10 Blanched Almonds

1.5 tbsp Coconut butter

2 cups Coconut flakes

Makes about 20 balls

Put the dates and almonds in a bowl with the coconut butter and pulse to mix with a hand blender.

Add the coconut flakes and using backside of a spoon mix until all the coconut is coved in sticky date mix.

Using a teaspoon, scoop mix and form into small balls.  You can serve them and eat or chill for up to three days.  I am sure they would last longer in the fridge but they never last that long in our home.

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