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Chia-tastic breakfasting is sweet and soothing for the digestion.  Full of fibre and rich in omega 3 from the chia seeds a wonderful source  minerals for vegetarians.  Another delicious Dining with the Divine original recipe.












Chia-apple breakfast porridge 

serves 4


1/2 cup Chia

8 pieces of crystalized ginger diced

3 apples

1/8 tsp clove powder

1/2 cinnamon powder

3 cups water


  1. Place chia in water and place diced ginger inside and leave over night to swell.

  2. Peel apples, deseed and place in water.  Boil the water and cook them until they are soft.

  3. Add spices to the apples and blend for 10 secs together.

  4. Mix the apples in with the chia and serve whilst still warm.  






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