Dosha Quiz

Learn your dosha in this quiz.  Complete each question on a separate piece of paper mark either v for Vata, p for Pitta or k for Kapha dosha.  For each question, think about your life from the past growing up and how you have always been. You may mark more than one answer but generally go for one answer which represents what you have been over the longest period of your life this will be your Prakriti dosha.  



Then redo the quiz and mark the answers again from the place you are now with your "symptoms" or changes that occurred during the past year. This will give your dosha and sub dosha, in Sanskrit -  Prakruti, that which becomes out of balance.


At the end of both times you want to tally up all the marks for each dosha and this will tell us what is your mind-body constitution.

The results of this test will give you an idea about how balanced your health is at the moment. You will probably be a mix of one or two of the dosha's, but it is likely also that one will dominate. Each of the doshas has some advantages and some disadvantages which we can bring to light. Ayurveda helps you to understand your body’s needs according to your dosha so you can make positive changes in your life to help you come back to balance.

Physical Characteristics

1  Build & Frame

v) Thin build, skinny, small skeletal frame

p) Medium build, muscular, medium skeletal frame 

k) Heavy build, chubby, large skeletal frame


2  Bodyweight

v) Trouble gaining weight

p) Maintains a steady weight

k) Easily gains weight


3  Complexion

v) Olive or brown

p) Fair, reddish or yellow tinge

k) Fair, pale, bluish tinge or porcelain 


4  Skin

v) Thin,  dry, rough and cool

p) Smooth, oily, acne-prone, warm, mole and freckles, burns in sun easily

k) Soft, thick, clear, glowing, youthful


5 Hair thickness

v) Dry, thin, brittle, frizzy, dark color

p) Medium, straight, early greying or balding, red tinge

k) Thick, lustrous, wavy 


6  Face shape

v) Oval

p) Angular pointed/well-defined jawline

k) Round


7  Eyes

v) Small, dry

p) Medium, sharp, intense green or blue in color. May turn blood snot if tired

k) Big, round, shiny, bright


8  Nose

v) Uneven shape, deviated septum

p) Long pointed tip, often red

k) Short, rounded, button nose


9  Teeth

v) Big, crooked, uneven

p) Medium size, yellowish

k) White, strong, even 


10 Hands and nails

v) Dry, rough hands slender fingers with nails that break easily

p) Moist, warm or pink nails, medium hands

k) Firm, thick hands and fingers with nails that are smooth


11  Chest

v) Small, flat

p) Moderate

k) Broad


12  Joins

v) Small, prominent bones, cracking noise

p) Moderate

k) Large, sturdy, lubricated


13  Veins and Tendons

v) Prominent

p) Soft tendons and ligaments

k) Well covered


Physiological Characteristics

14  Sweat

v) Barely sweats on an activity

p) Profuse sweating

k) Minimal sweat on moderate activity


15  Thrist

 v) Variable

p) Strong

k) Minimum


16  Appetite

 v) Variable, anxious when you are hungry

p) Strong, cannot skip meals or will become irritable

k) Steady, regular, can miss meals


17  Digestion

v) Irregular

p) Quick

k) Slow


18  Indigestion leads to

v) Constipation, bloating and gas

p) Heartburn, acid reflux

k) Mucous


19  Bowel Movement

v) Dry, often constipated

p) Loose, more than one bowel movement a day

k) Loose, sluggish, once a day


20  Preferred tastes

v) Sweet, salty, sour

p) Sweet, bitter, astringent

k) Bitter, pungent, astringent


21 Preferred climate  

v) Warm, humid avoids windy, wet places

p) Cold and dry avoids getting too much sun

k) Warm and dry.  Tolerates extremes


22 Speech  

v) Hoarse, Fast, diffused speech.  Very talkative and often goes off subject

p) Loud and strong voice. Fast, clear, penetrating speech.  Articulate and impressive communicator

k) Deep, melodic voice.  Slow, clear, monotonous


23 Endurance

v) Low and erratic

p) Moderate

k) Long


24 Sleep

v) Short, disturbed, toss and turn

p) Moderate, sound, can go back to sleep if woken up at night

k) Long, deep, can easily sleep for 8-10 hours


25 Dreams  

v) Multiple, quick, fearful 

p) Active, confliction

k) Slow, happy romantic

Behavioral Characteristics

26 Natural temperament

v) Anxious, nervous, worries too much

p) Often irritable, and angry, ambitious-go-getter, critical

k) Relaxed, humorous, loving and nurturing


27 Actions

v) Quick, spontaneous and excitable

p) Very precise, organized, challenging

k) Slow-paced, graceful


28 Activities

v) Very active, multi-taker, always flowing out

p) Planned and calculated activities

k)  Slow, balanced and steady.  Doesn’t do well with multi-tasking


29 Courage

v) Easily scared

p) Very courageous

k) Moderate


30 Mind

v) Constant thoughts, restlessness, future plans

p) Impatient, passionate, right in the moment

k) Calm, peaceful, in the past


31 This phrase defines me  

v) Jack of all trades master of none

p) It's my way or the highway

k) I’ll sit this one out


32 Faith or beliefs  

v) Variable

p) Strong dedication

k) Consistent


33 Intellectual response

v) Quick, not detailed

p) Accurate, timely competitive

k) Paced but exact


34 Memory  

v) Good short term, quick to learn, quick to forget

p) Medium but accurate

k)  Good long term memory, slow to grasp but never forgets


35 Shopping style  

v) Impulsive buyer

p) Brand conscious 

k) Money saver


36 Relationships

v) Flexible and easy to adapt to different people

p) Passionate, frustrated, compassionate

k) Rigid, not adaptable, attached, need to feel needed


37 Friendships

v) Short term, multiple friends

p) Chooses friends on values and merits

k)  Slow to make friends, great friend, fiercely loyal


38 Interests & hobbies   

v) Movement, creative, expressive, traveling

p) Sports, politics, mental, communication

k) Knitting, pottery, calm and sedentary


39 If you had to describe yourself which one word applies to you most  

v) Nomad

p) Leader

k) Happy-go-lucky


Now add up all the v) p) and k) marks and see which has the highest score.  You will be predominantly one dosha type: Vata, Pitta or Kapha. A true single will have a clear stand out dosha and if you have two that tally out the same you will be either, vata-pitta, or vata-Kapha, pitta-vata or pitta-Kapha, or Kapha-vata or Kapha-pitta.  You may notice that you are a balance of all three and this is quite rare. 



If you answered mostly:

  •  V - You are a Vata type,

  • P -  you are pitta, and

  • K -  you are Kapha.



These are my results; A 6 B 8 C 2  and clearly you can see that I am Pitta - Vata.  ​

The predominant dosha is a combination of genetics, diet, lifestyle, and emotions of the parents, among other factors, at the time of conception.  The combination is set at conception and called Prakruti.   Prakruti is your psychophysical makeup and first functional habit and reaction.

Over time this can change and also much depends on the season and current lifestyle you lead and that could push out of balance one's dosha which leads to disease or illness.   This would have to be corrected by diet and lifestyle changes for you to feel more whole and vital.  You could take this test again in a few weeks or months to see if it changes again.  But you should see one or two clear dosha traits come out more.  If not do the test again and ask your self "what would I most consistent answer".  It may be a close second place for a sub- dosha  but again go with the one that you feel is more like you generally.  If you are one of the rare ones with all balance of three doshas you will be in good health and have excellent digestion.

How do I develop the best diet for my dosha? Book a session with me.


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