Plants, which as receptacles of light were
born three ages before the Gods, I honor
your myriad colors and your seven hundred natures.
A hundred, oh Mothers, are your natures
and a thousand are your growths.
May you of a hundred powers make whole what has been hurt.
A hymn to the plants from the Rig Veda

Cooking, Conscious Eating with Amrita Ma Devi

30th of October to the 3rd of November in Schloss Thalheim, Vienna

The Advaita Congress 2019 has welcomed a Vedic view of eating and cooking into its busy schedule. At this congress masters from East and West will meet to share their version of Advaita and to give Darshan. The One Taste as Love, Truth and Happiness.“


Amrita Ma Devi

Amrita is the author of the blog, Dining with the Divine, and has over a decade of experience in Ayurveda. A mother of two, she traveled the world with her spiritual teacher and partner, Igor Kufayev. From Central Asia to Central America, she refined her intuitive sense of how to apply innate wisdom often in a new and unfamiliar environment. Her journey into Ayurveda began with reading preeminent scholars on this ancient Science of Life, as she looked for ways of greater balance. Her skills were honed over the years of being on the road with her partner whilst raising a family in diverse cultural and geographical locations. Through learning how to use the wisdom of herbs, she became intimately aware of the healing potentials this sacred relationship avails.


Under the guidance of her teacher, Amrita is deepening her intuition and continues to refine her understanding of the true meaning of health. She breaks down the vast science of Ayurveda into practical, everyday steps to bring harmony through balance in an accessible & bountiful way.


Amrita is currently working on her first Ayurvedic vegetarian cookbook specifically tailored for those on a spiritual journey, and a complementary range of organic high-potency herbal supplements. Her website offers a wide variety of nourishing seasonal Ayurvedic recipes.


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