Ayurvedic Chef Amrita Ma Devi


“Food is medicine and medicine is food” An Ayurvedic proverb

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a retreat ~ healthy, happy food is my speciality. 

 Ayurveda gives us a direct answer to the needs of balancing mental and emotional wellbeing. It is an ancient holistic system from India which uses natural herbs, diet to correct any imbalances, to connect to the cycles in the seasons and ultimately to the innermost desires of the Self. Ayurvedic cooking is conscious cooking and is a wonderful complement to your yoga retreats or any therapeutic practise event that requires wholesome nourishing food prepared for the guests.  

Workshops for conscious cooking and retreats can be booked at the Dining With The Divine website. Other services include Ayurveda cooking lessons; training your chef to prepare meals according to Ayurveda; Ayurveda menus for restaurants. 


What retreat participants say: A vixen in the kitchen! (Don't know where that expression came from it just popped out!) It's a compliment in case you wondered. Once again thanks for cooking so deliciously at the retreat in Mallorca. 




The dishes you served us in Canterbury were not only excellence in taste but also had the Energetic qualities that everyone one needed for the work Igor was doing on us. I would think they also had love infused too or some magical mystery ingredient only known to you

I was sent into bliss so many times by your cooking. A few times it was like I was frozen in time eating, as a fork full of food was approaching my mouth I got blissed and went into a trance with the fork halfway between my plate and mouth and I was Frozen in Silence and Bliss...LOL!


I miss your food and we all miss you.



Amrita Ma Devi

Tel: +34 699389875
email: amritamadevi@gmail.com
Isle Balearic

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