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Hemp powder is high in protein and 20 amino acids, essential fatty  acids and alpha-linoleic acid plant based omega 3-6-9 are all balanced.


Qualities: Oily, light, heating.

Actions on the doshas: Balances Kapha and Vata, increases Pitta in excess.

Action on the mind: tamasic.

Special quality: depletes Ojas if ingested often, anti-inflammatory, easy to digest.


 Make these at the weekend when you want to relax and eat in smaller quantities.

Hemp pancakes with almond coconut butter

Hemp Pancakes

serves 4


2 cup spelt

1 tbsp hemp powder

2 cups of milk

1 egg

2 tbsp sweetener of your choice such as coconut sugar or maple syrup

4 drops of vanilla

1/4 tsp ginger powder

2 tbsp baking powder

2 tbsp coconut oil and more for cooking the pancakes

Sprinkle with desiccated coconut 


In a bowl add the spelt flour, baking powder, and hemp powder.

Mix the wet ingredients with the ginger and vanilla and sweetener.

brush the frying pan with coconut oil and using a ladle scoop up 1/2 scoop of batter and add in to the middle of the pan.  


Make a stake of three pancakes and serve with fruits and almond coconut butter.


Almond coconut butter


3 cups almond

1/4 desiccated coconut

1 tsp coconut oil


Roast the almonds in the oven at 220c for 10 mins as this adds flavor and eases digestibility of the nuts.


A high-speed blender or a food processor is needed for the next step.  Blend them until they become a smooth butter.  If this needs more liquid add the coconut oil.  Combine the coconut in once the almonds are processed and add to a sterilized jar which has a lid.  Keep stored in the fridge it should last for months if you can resist eating in up by then.

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