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This savoury pancake is crispy and light, not to be missed.  And so quick and easy to make (in under 20 minutes) you will soon be including it to your meals weekly.

I first tasted the chickpea flour pancake in Nice, the south of France were this tasty flatbread called socca is a national delicacy.  The chickpea pancake is also used in Italian and Indian cooking, so you can see it is well loved.  The flavour is so delicious you will love it too.


Chickpea Flour Indian Pancake

serves 4 


1 cup chickpea flour

1 - 1.5 cup water

1 Tbsp yoghurt

1 tsp gram masala powder

.5 tsp salt

1-inch leek,  sliced fine

1/2 zucchini, julienned 

1 tsp ghee




Mix the flour, water and spices with a whisk and leave to rest for 15 minutes. The batter should resemble thick liquid pancake mix. 


In a frying pan heat the ghee, and add the leek and zucchini to cook until tender, for 4 minutes.  Take them out and put them on the side.


Once the veggies are cooled add them to the pancake batter.  Using a half cup measure to gather up the batter, place in an oiled frying pan.     


Fry on both sides for about 2 minutes or until golden brown.  Keep them warm in an oven until all the batter is gone.  You will be left with 4 pancakes.

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