16 Ayurvedic Breakfast Recipes

Here are some very nutritious breakfast ideas for your dosha that will get your daily Self-care routine in Ayurveda started in a conscious way!

Give your breakfasts a makeover and add some Ayurvedic wisdom for increased digestion, hydration and energy. For the most important meal of the day (breakfasts are optional for those with Kapha dosha, eating is only advised for this dosha if there is hunger) you should eat for your ayurvedic constitution. If you are not clear on your Ayurvedic dosha yet then go over to the quiz or book your Ayurvedic Health Coaching session.

Getting clear on what your body needs to best function for your constitution assists your body's intelligence in making other good choices throughout the day. Freeing more energy on your digestion allows for greater mental clarity, immunity and vitality.

Breakfasts for Vata Dosha

Vata types have cold hands and feet, have a tendency to be creative thinkers, quick to speak and think, they tend towards weight loss. But not because they have a faster metabolism...It's because they forget to eat or don’t have time to eat. Make sure mealtimes are at regular times of the day, every day and that Vata doesn't skip breakfasts unless otherwise indicated by your health practitioner or coach.

To balance Vata dosha we need to introduce opposite qualities into the diet and activities so they don’t become dry and cold. Avoid caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol, hydrogenated fats, leftovers or processed foods. Drink nut milk or eat cooked warm foods, lightly saute veggies, use lots of healthy oils, nuts and seeds for dressing your meal to increase grounding elements.

Breakfast ideas for vata are:

  • Luscious Fig and Almond Rice Pudding

  • Sunflower Beet Spread

  • Creamy Millet with Cherry and Apricot

  • Roasted Grapefruit

  • Brazil nut Chia

  • Ramen Noodles

Any food which has the tastes of Salty, Sour and Sweet will be balancing for Vata dosha. Click on the above image in the gallery for the recipe.

Breakfasts for Pitta Dosha

Pitta types may be sharp and organised, they have a tendency to warm and moist hands and feet. They tend to maintain weight as this fire of digestion is at its strongest in this dosha. They will eat any time in the day and will not gain weight because they have a high metabolism. It is best to have a high protein diet which limits its use of nuts, as nuts are heating. Instead, replace most nuts with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds as these are much more cooling for pitta types.

Pitta means fire or heat, so we know it is strong, it is the penetrating power to digest and yet the fire of digestion can burn so bright that it can go out or simply no absorb well. Therefore it is important to keep the flame of digestion not overheated otherwise this could happen. Introducing sweet & cooling foods and spices such as dates, aloe vera, rose, rice, cucumbers, watery soup, miso, bitter endive, apple, arugula, and greens which are seasonal and locally produced is most nourishing.

Breakfast ideas for Pitta are:

  • Celery, Apple, Cucumber, Lemon Smoothie

  • Parsley Pate

  • Date Jam

  • Spell-t Magic Scone

  • Sugar-Free Cookies

Any food which has the tastes of Sweet, Bitter, & Astringent will be balancing for Pitta. Click on the image for the recipe.

Breakfasts for Kapha Dosha

Kapha dosha with its elements of Water and Earth is heavy and slow to metabolise as there is no fire. To combat this sluggishness Kapha needs to eat warm soupy foods, but in summer they can eat more raw foods than other doshas to stay light.

They are more patient and stable, and less active and slow. Their hands and feet are more cold and moist. And they tend to gain weight because Earth is heavy and the quality is most predominant here.

The use of common sense too only eat when hungry, use stimulating spices such as pippali, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger get digestion going. Eating frozen, or canned foods should be avoided or refrain altogether as these tamasic foods will affect Kapha dosha and make them feel low on energy.

Breakfast ideas for Kapha are:

  • Roasted Pear

  • Immunity Juice

  • Roasted Grapefruit

  • Raw Strawberry Jam

  • Gluten-free Pear Almond Cake

Any food which has the tastes of Bitter, Astringent and Pungent will be balancing for Kapha. Click on the image for the recipe.