Cleanse To Boost Immunity

Updated: Apr 20

Starting Spring with a cleanse is a breath of fresh air for your body, and just as you may Spring clean your home, to feel clearer, cleansing is a natural way to help get your digestion moving. Burning up toxins so you move into the warmer months of the year lighter. Cleansing will not deprive your body of food or nutrients – instead, it’s a chance to refine your palate to acquire a taste for whole foods in their natural state. A cleanse is about basing all of your meals on fresh, whole grains as well as eating more fruit and veggies, drinking more balancing tonics, and downing lots of warm tea throughout the day. At the very least, start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice to get the process going – this is the easiest and the best thing you can do to start your cleanse today!

Making your health and self-care routine a priority has never been easier than now! Nature has provided us with the perfect opportunity to tune into what really matters most. Stay positive and give gratitude to the experience of things which really make you feel centred and remind us we are whole. This is the Ayurvedic way to build true immunity, as a comparison take a look at environments in third world countries where food is not abundant or sanitised yet praised and offered to the Gods, people stay healthy. And yet we westerners find ourselves living in abundance and still strive, instead of thrive.

If you find these times are hard or difficult to manage it could be toxins which are causing serious mental health issues. Both depression and anxiety are linked to toxicity or ama, the stagnation of unprocessed food and impressions.

Going-out-to-eat and busily moving about your day is not an option now with the lockdown, but your diet does not have to suffer at all. Now is the best time to make a Reawakened Kitchen 10 Day Cleanse. Homemade meals that taste amazing and are tasting better, are more soothing for digestion than restaurant food. There are 29 tasty recipes nutritious meals you can easily make with ingredients in your store cupboard. All these recipes are easier than you think - so if you are staying home get cooking to stay healthy and happy.

Here are four reasons you need to cleanse:

1. To press reset on digestion: A cleanse will help your body neutralize and eliminate toxins through major organs and tissues of the body like the colon, liver, kidney, lungs, lymph nodes, and skin, which all have a digestive fire! But if our digestive fire is low our self-cleaning system is overloaded by our unhealthy lifestyles and exposure to environmental toxins, then it becomes difficult for the fire to burn, it's like putting wet wood on a fire.

2. To give yourself a break: There are many factors that contribute to toxicity in the body, such as unprocessed emotions and feelings and wrong foods, environmental pollution, and chemicals in the home (shampoo, makeup, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, and detergents). Give your body a little break from these toxins and you will feel much better as a result. Ayurveda says we just need to bring more awareness to our daily tasks, thoughts and they turn into flowers. When we bring more awareness to our diet we allow for a greater understanding of what we put into our body as nourishment.

3. To take charge of your health: We have limited control over the environment to which we’re exposed, but we have total control over the food we eat and the products we use on our body and in our homes. So make new, fresh, and healthy choices, starting with what you are eating! This cleanse brings our thoughts and feelings into awareness for cleansing the mental toxins which take over unconscious actions. Once we simplify our intake we can take care of improving our habits and creating healthier actions.

4. To prevent illness: We become overexposed to chemicals through dietary ingredients, the hidden ingredients in premade food items, hormones and antibiotics of animal products, unhealthy fats, toxic mould in caffeine, alcohol and sugar, as well as through the environment. Even if you already have a good diet, a cleanse can restore your immune system, protect against environmental toxins, and help you resist disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

How to get maximum results from your cleanse:

  • Eliminate bleached and refined flours, choosing whole or gluten-free grains instead

  • Use natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, avoid refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup

  • Eliminate table salt instead choose rock mineral salt or sea salt.

  • Eliminate trans fats and refined oils (processed corn, vegetable oil, canola oil, or sunflower oil) and use healthy essential fats like ghee, Extra Virgin olive oil, flax oil, hemp oil, and coconut oil.

  • Eliminating all animal products treated with hormones or antibiotics, and farmed fish and adding organic pulses and tofu choices.

  • Eating local and organic vegetables.

  • Eliminate conventional dairy products, instead choosing organic varieties, goat’s and sheep’s milk, or dairy alternatives like almond, oat, rice, and coconut milk

  • Avoid food and oils made from genetically modified (GMO) organisms, looking for non-GMO labels

  • Avoid additives and preservatives (nitrates, sulfites, flavourings and colourings) by reading your food labels

  • Avoid fried foods

  • Avoid sodas and juices with added sugar

  • Avoid coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol

In the Reawakened Kitchen Cleanse eBook, you have grocery lists of easy to find whole foods, spices, and fresh produce. The book contains tips for ways to cleanse your home and mind. You will be added to a private group managed by myself to keep you inspired and keep you on track. You are encouraged to ask questions and get answers to personal challenges. Join others who are raving about this cleanse and feel your bliss.

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