Mother Divine & The Embodied Divine Feminine

This is the last of the auspicious 9 days of Mother Divine, I deeply sense the fulfilling and healing presence of the Mother in my life. I myself am breathing for two, with the magical gift of new life resting under my heart and the news of being pregnant with a girl still brings a tear to my eyes at the blessing. With each child that I have nursed my own nurturing has deepened and they have been a mystical initiation into my own Divine Feminine healing. Opening up the love, care and flow of that imbibing love in my heart more fully, allowing me to inquire what life means for another and myself.

The reason why Ayurvedic wisdom touches me to my core is that it gives me the tools to nurture the connection to others and myself more deeply, innately a Divine feminine quality and one akin to loving-kindness. Ayurveda allows one to maintain a sense of continuity, creativity and understanding of the rhythms and cycles of nature and draws one into connection with the divine mystery of the Universe within and without. In these days of Mother Divine celebrations which are ongoing in India, it feels fitting to shine the light on our soul connection to Mother Earth through Ayurveda and the Divine qualities which are in us all.

Durga. One of the faces of the Divine Mother in India /Shutterstock image

The Divine Mothers heart is the Earth it is her nature, the air her movement, the water her blood, fire her spirit and space is the divine womb of all creation. Where every soul and every creature is connected to her alive in her pulse, as she connects with our inner sanctum as energy, emotions, that what creates and serves us in life as nourishment.

For myself as a small child somehow in religion, this was touched upon as we all learned about Mother Earth who provides the food to grow and eat and Father our God that watches over us as the eternal, that what sustains us. Somewhere I can be certain this was forgotten and denied and yet still, for myself a deep comfort and trusting was sensed by being immersed in nature. Feeling the warmth of the sun on the skin, feeling the cool water tickle you or the sound of the sea rushing in as the waves crash down, are all soothing and touch the heart. If we allow ourselves to go into nature we awaken to all around and even the sound of rain needs no translation, splashing down on the ground, reviving all around charging the air with the sweet smell of blooms and Earth. The brush of wind on leaves making them dance in shimmering light create forms of beauty that make the heart still and you notice Her again. She is vast, unimaginable, tearfully unbelievable as she creates and creates with her brush so many forms. There is no end to her creativity, and there is no end to experiencing her as our divine teacher and ecstatic force within our breath and body. As the ancient women knew they were the carriers of knowledge, intuition, and knew how to use their power of receptivity for a higher good.

As a planet, we are undeniably at a time in the history of the reawakening of the sacred energy of the Divine feminine. A longing for a certain connection in a world which is going so fast and being so demanding of us, we can bearly keep up. As women, we remember the times of a slower pace and long for that cellular connection to the enchantment of the world, to find our voice in sisterhood, to find our home in nature and our passions back in our home. It's been 10's of thousands of years since the times of deity rituals in the West but one place which kept the ritual alive was India. One of the reasons why Ayurveda was treasured and survived deep in rural India was because women kept it in their homes, and hearts for its sacred connection and power. Whilst in the West, the years of separating and turning women away from a connection with the Earth has left the subtler energies of the Earth starving in our culture, left behind and longing for its wisdom. In workshops, my dear sister Sundari Ma and I share, we love nothing more than to reconnect with plants, gathering the plants by hand that we use in the cooking practises. Plants like herbs and spices are the essence of the Earths healing power and help us to remember our intimate connection with them, as they infuse with our cells to reawaken deep healing within. It is even reported that the replanting and growth of plant life on Earth could reverse the effects of climate change. Much tenderness and compassion can be learned from honouring the energy from time spent preparing food together as tribal cultures always did. Because we all know that if we feel well-nourished, we realign the flow of energy, we are more coherent, we have peace within our body and we can achieve, we can serve and we can give love. If we are too tired or suffering then we have nothing to offer back.

Picture was taken at the Ayurvedic Kitchen Cooking Workshop July 2019

The Mother Divine, She enlivens your secret chamber and is your purification as she serves and takes away at will till you are on your knees in surrender at seeing the illusions you place in front of yourself as deepest wishes. She is day and night, a red rose 🌹 the figs seeds and bees hum, you taste her benevolence all the time and she is waiting for you to know her again and keep her close so she can show you her grace! ~

Recognising the divine feminine within you is like seeing the fragrance of nature. She shows up and we have to be excepting of the many types of ways we sense her energy that we see in the world and that comes through us. At this time of transition in a world which has forgotten the darker moments are, more frequent and often the hardest to understand as they express themselves, as She is not much welcomed in the world in her desperate form and misunderstood. In Ayurveda we have three foundations energies which we can observe and know are at play called the Gunas - Sattva, Rajas, Tamas. We can become aware of your individual set up of these in Ayurvedic Health Coaching sessions one-on-one and work with these underline blockages and delve deeper into what limits our energy from its free-flowing nature. Without a doubt meditation and yogic practises are the best tools to work on this and by keeping a journal and watching how the mind falls into the same patterns of its attention you can gain the insight needed for self-reflection. Just know that if you feel stuck then you need to act as this is not Her way, the Divine Mother is dynamic energy of the Universe.

As we are learning to pay attention to your energy which is the Divine Feminine in motion, Paying attention to where we place our attention has a greater purpose to our spiritual power. Simply put “Where our prana (life force) goes is where our energy flows”.

When we grasp at the immensity of what it is to embody the nature of the Divine feminine and a connection to our true essence it can liberate within us, refined, untamed and free-flowing truth. What once stood as solid butter becomes melted into the burning fire, which transforms that what was not needed or was once unclear turns into liquid gold. The smile from the one who knows the Mother Divine makes others happy not because she is trying to please others, but because her radiant heart shines forth and with that makes others more connected to there good. Even as I write this my eyes are full of praise with that recognition of her wholeness, she enters us fully in her power of ecstasy knowing nothing outside of her can make one any happier, or more grateful than knowing Her. Alive with the recognition of wisdom from life itself, that this all passes, great transitions turn into greater transitions, all motions are both imperfect and perfect within our awareness. May you be open to experiencing her and knowing Her when She comes and shines forth and connects with the subtle beating of your heart.