Self Care - Celebrate Ayurveda Day (Video)

Why is self-care important? Why do you think self-care should be a priority in your life? What has Ayurveda got to do with it? It's interesting because I wouldn't have thought of this before an illness occurred in my own body and I was in denial, doctors didn't know what to do but I would have to take things into my own hands and so I realised I would have to become my own best healer.

It is through Ayurveda that many have found healing enabling them to transform. The little tweaks and adjustments you can make with diet to transform, to create some wonderful ways of miraculous healing. Digestion is one of the main causes of illness.

Doing something you love doing, if you go throughout your life not in love with your life then you are going to find it very difficult to creates Ojas. This substance is untouchable and un-locatable in your body. It's that spiritual crystalline substance which makes you full of life and the eyes glow and skin radiate with this golden hue. And its something which is related to the subtle body, not the medical body, and our medical system doesn't even know half of who you are or what makes us human. It has nothing to do with what the doctor can cut and take out of us. It's all about finding that treasure within, working with self-care, working with aspects of the spirit and soul, and the spirit and soul are not two things. We are all given a body as a way of expressing ourselves and certain aspects of this lifetime ~ our journey. If we disconnected to that then we will create toxins in the body that will essentially will make us not function at optional health and happiness.

When we are more exposed to illness we are more willing to open up to ways we can care for ourselves more and feel a deeper sense of joy. That is what happened to myself, and I have been studying this (Ayurveda) myself for 15 years on and off.

Food was my doorway and spices in food where part of my childhood growing up in a semi-Indian cultural neighbourhood in Middlesex on the outskirts of London. I love the spices in food and so it was about recreating that food at home. Then finding out about the benefits of spices, they all have a meaning and a way of connecting us more with the earth, & plant life which is essentially the start of life on this planet. That created this atmosphere that we are immersed in, the basis of our intelligence. So they (spices & herbs) re-enliven, rekindle this intelligence with us. Then certain aspects of our intelligence are informing our body and they are a way of bringing about brilliant digestion and glowing skin and an inner sense of connection with the elements and the world around.

There is nothing wrong with how the world is, we have to accept that there is so much information which is a great thing. Yet we need to learn discernment of what we are choosing to inform ourselves with and know as to where our attention is going. Where is our awareness being channelled? And that's the whole thing about balance! the thing I was always striving for and Ayurveda gave me the understanding in which to do that.

How to filter out that which one feels is really not good for me? and not the right information and instil good habits the right habits. Everything we partake in by the senses is information, it's informing our body and sense of wellbeing. So we want to ask is this nourishing our wellbeing? Like for example certain TV is it really calming or not for the nervous system? So what then would I replace that with? In Ayurveda, which is part of the Vedic system, there are chants, mantra and music which are soothing for the nervous system, that will make you feel calmer and more at peace and more rested.

There are many aspects which you will take as information that will nourish your body and soul rather than agitate. Like for example as a young woman, I would listen to loud and agitating music but as you get older you realise what is that doing to my body and my senses, my mind? It's the same with tastes if you have too much pungent spice you will be overstimulated and constantly looking for outward happiness rather than find a moment where you can pause in your day and relax, take a deep breath and tune in with yourself.

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