What is Ayurvedic Health Coaching?

Updated: Jun 3

Being an Ayurvedic Health Coach now is the most aligned experience to have. An Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist assists someone to create the best life design for themself. By implementing, demonstrating, instructing and guiding you to a yogic therapy. These paths of practice are the healing process based on the Ayurvedic Prakrti/Vikrti paradigm. The Ayurvedic definition of health encourages us to notice consciousness and potential energy. The Ayurvedic Health Coach philosophy is that preventive healthcare is manageable. Promoting health by using diet and lifestyle, panchakarma, pranayama and herbs. Connecting more, listening, developing a deep sense of balance within the body and mind. Sensing the roles of intuition and the way grace, transforms. You start to notice a subtle love and care from within which generates ripples which flow back to the Self.

In this sutra it tells us, it is the journey of the Self. No one else is going to be doing the work for you. No one is going to be the change that we need. We are the ones we have been waiting for and we can change the world with our hearts with our attention and our love. We all matter, your happiness matters. Because when you are radiant, inflow and joy you are making the right choices for your self. And your loved ones notice. They radiate more love, so you can show up for them in the way that shines love, which is a far cry from fear or self-harm. ReAwaken Healing is the name which represents the invite to awaken ourselves to the Self. To be more purposeful and healthy in our life instead of getting the tasks ticked off our list. Sometimes we need permission to care for ourselves more and listen. When it is real nourishment we need, so much more than the food we eat. It is what we digest, by way of impressions, it is the relationships we have. The environment is informing coherence of cells, all this surpasses big pharma medicine.

The Ayurvedic Health Coach encourages and educates the patient to make certain lifestyle changes. With the lens of Ayurveda the ancient science of longevity.  By making blooming Self-care rituals, robust habits finding ways to manage your day. So that in the long run it promotes and maintains ease of living and wellness.

With the introduction of a diet and lifestyle which is right for your constitution. Gives rise to a more Sattvic quality, meaningful changes for a healthy body mind and soul connection. Counselling addresses challenging issues like stress, as we work towards reclaiming greater alignment.

If you feel the call for something to shift, find your unique sense of health. If you feel ready to go to the root cause of illness let’s work on the steps to get you on that journey to find that radiance. Has your life shifted since the world changed?

Have you thought about what is important but don’t know how to make the changes. Leave your comments or contact me for your transformational call.

Peace, love and wholehearted joy Amrita 🙏🏽🌿💗