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As the temperatures start to rise as we get closer to the start of summer. We look at ways to cool Pitta dosha and eat more cooling foods and drink. This looks so pretty on the table and is a rejuvenating blend.⁠ Rose is the star in this blend along with mint. If you have heat in the body or inflammation drink this!⁠

Rejuvenation Water⁠

Makes 6 ⁠

1/2 lemon juice⁠
1 tsp rose water ⁠
1 lime, sliced⁠
2 Tbsp maple syrup⁠
1 litre of fizzy water⁠
2 cup of boiling water⁠
2 mint stems with leafs⁠
a few extra slices of lemon and rose petals for decoration⁠

Once the water is boiled add the mint and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Let the water cool. ⁠
Add all ingredients including the cooled mint water to a jug and drink room temperate.⁠

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