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Spicy Cumin Mushrooms Salad

This recipe is quick and deliciously healthy.  Mushrooms, spinage, sesame seeds and loads of cumin powder ensure it has a taste kick.

Yams, & Green Lentil 

This is a spicy recipe from North Africa.   Very satisfying  and grounding food.  

Warm Raw Asparagus Soup 

Steamed Asparagus and spinage with avocado join together for a healthy green lunch. 

Ghee or clarified butter

Delightful and aromatic 'Ghee'.  Used in all of my cooking  recipes as it has a high heat cooking temp. Ghee is used  to nourish and  regenerate the body.

Raw Carrot & Beet-Top Soup

Green Glory Juice

Watermelon Summer Salad

Mouth watering 

Raw Carrot & Beet-Top Soup

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